Cabin dweller living in the San Juan mountains of Colorado. Writing online content for a variety of brands, studying herbalism, and gardening like a mad woman.

Originally from a little corner of Western Massachusetts, I’ve also lived in San Francisco and Cambridge. In 2018, my partner and I hit the road to travel and spent time exploring the American west (by van) and South Africa (by rental car + tent). In 2020, we traded our wheels for some roots in Durango. 

Like most people who wanted to go to art school (and didn’t) my career has been a mix of the creative and technical. You’re just as likely to find me writing an article about personal finance as you are to catch me obsessing over the incredible fiction of Loorie Moore, or the materia medica for wildcrafted plants. 

“A touch of madness is, I think, almost always necessary for constructing a destiny.”

-Marguerite Yourcenar